World’s fastest ten trains: do not move, fly!


    Hopefully we all love to ride on the train, they are huge and there are very speed trains and there are luxurious trains and train trains in different countries today. We will take a look at the train today. These comfortable and profitable trains on trains are in the world today. If you see, you can understand how comfortable it can be Take the train on the train, because the train is very fun and comfortable and many people love to travel and travel, they love the train and can be in high quality blogs on different trains of different countries, but let’s take a look at today’s fastest and fast speed.

    10. TSHR 700, Taiwan

    The TSHR 700 Train Service, which started in January 2007, is one of the fastest trains in the world. Initially, this train traveled from Taipei to Kaohsiung. Within four and a half hours between two cities this train passes out in just 90 minutes! This train with multiple engines rides with a total of 12 bogies at a maximum speed of 300 kilometers / hour. And its powerful engines take time to get the maximum speed of just 15 minutes. This train with speed has safety arrangements. All the modern security measures, such as by-Directional Operation, Fire and Smoke Detectors, Instability Detectors and Station Stop Control, are available on this train. The THSR 700 trains that have produced three major Japanese companies, Kawazaki, Nippon and Hitachi. Currently, there are a total of 30 T-700 trains in the High Speed ​​Railway in Taiwan.

    9. ETR-500 Friciarosa, Italy

    Let’s go to Italy from Taiwan now. The second fastest train in Italy is named ETR-500 Friciarosa. These ETR-500 trains were used in Italy long ago. But FrichiRosa is a modern version of the ETR-500. These trains, which are supervised by the Alstom of France and Bondardium Company, are at the maximum speed of 300 kilometers per hour. These trains operated by Italy’s Trinityia Company, are on the Milan-Rome-Naples route. At present, there are a total of 28 freakirosaha trains. To reach Rome from Milan, the frocearosauras will take only two and a half hours, which is just 40 minutes more than the flight. There are four categories of bogies in the Frieserosota. Standard, Premium, Business and Executive. However, regardless of category, there is free Wi-Fi access.

    8. TGV Duplex, France

    France’s fastest train TGV Duplex can run at a maximum speed of 319 kilometers per hour. These fast trains with double decks connect all major cities in France. The local company Elstom has used high quality aluminum to make this train, which reduces the weight of this train. On the other hand, each bogey is so rigid that even if a TGV train accident is affected at the highest speed, its cabs will not be completely cramped. Under the supervision of France’s SNCF company, this train has begun movement on various routes since 2011. Standard and TGV Pro, these two categories carry 6 and 4 bogies respectively, TGV Duplex.

    7. Elstomum Euroduplex, France

    A version of TGV Duplex is Euroduplex, which is made by Elstom Company. Its speed is equal to TGV Duplex. However, the specialty is that it operates on inter-European routes. France, Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg, this train service connecting these four countries began in late 2011. Another special feature of this train, carrying 1,020 passengers, is that the train can run at very low energy cost.

    6. E-5 Shinkanshen Hayabusa, Japan

    In 2011, two fastest Duplex trains in France were introduced in Japan, the fastest train by them, E-5 Shinkanshen Hayabusa. Among the E-5 series trains, Hayabusi is the fastest train and its maximum speed is 320 kilometers per hour. In front of the train, that is a nose structure of 15 meters long in engine bogs. But this is not just a design. Because of its size, the noise of the train decreases during the course of a tunnel. This train carrying 730 passengers connects with city of Tokyo with city of Aomori. Each of the E-5 series has three categories of compartments – standard, green and gran (business class). The soundproof system also covers the entire train.

    5. Talgo 350, Spain

    Let’s go back to Europe again. This year’s destination is Spain. And this time the Train Talgo 350, the world’s most hostile route! It’s not naturally hostile weather or brittle streets, surrounded by hostility football! TaloGo 350 operates in two antiquated football cities of Madrid-Barcelona. These trains run at a maximum of 350 kilometers speed with 12 bogies. First, Bristo, Club and Coach – Each of the four categories of Talgo 350 trains has video, audio and internet provision. The local name of this train in Spain is ‘Pato’.

    4. Siemens Vellero AVS-103, Spain

    The fastest train in Spain was able to move at a maximum speed of 402 kilometers / hour during the experimental movement of Vellore-103. But after the inauguration, its average maximum speed is 354 kilometers per hour. Since 2007, this express train service is being operated by the Spanish National Railway. The passengers of this train with 8 coaches have 400 people.

    3. AGV Italy, Italy

    The second fastest train in Italy has already been introduced. Let’s get acquainted with Italy’s fastest train, AGV Italy. Its maximum operational speed is 360 kilometers / hour. However, during the initial examination this train made the highest speed record at that time. In a special trial trial in 2007, AGV Italia was running at a speed of 572 kilometers per hour! It’s been officially started from the same year. Italian company NTV (Novo Transpotto Vigatorori) is operating this train. They made 25 AJV trains for Elton’s company for 650 million euros. The train, which runs between Rome and Naples in Italy, is very environmentally friendly. About 98 percent of it is reusable. The train runs along with 11 clubs, including four clubs, four prima and three smart boats.

    2. Harmony SRH 380A, China

    There will be ten trains on the fastest train in the world, but there will be no train in China, what is it? The second fastest train in the world, Harmony CRH 380, is operating on the Shanghai-Nanjing route in China. This train can run at a maximum speed of 380 kilometers per hour. This express train is being operated by Chinese government railway company ‘China Railway’ since October 2010. This fish-shaped engine with fish head-shaped engine has been made from extremely thin aluminum alloy hybrids. The size of the fish’s head protects the train from the aerodynamic pressure while running fast. On the other hand, this train is completely free of shock. When someone sleeps in Harmonie 380, the person will not wake up until he sees himself outside the window, that he is running at three hundred kilometers per hour!

    1. Shanghai Maglev, China

    China’s Shanghai Maglev, the world’s highest-speed train. It can run effortlessly at a maximum speed of 431 kilometers per hour! Shanghai is the only train in the world, whose operational speed exceeds four hundred kilometers per hour. The Shanghai Maglev Railway Company operates these trains. This train railway has a qualitative difference with other high speed railways in the world. This special kind of ‘magnetic levitation’ runs over the railway line. The short name of the railway name is its name. Mag-Lev or Magnific Levitation. This means, floating an object with a magnetic field. It is strange to hear that there is no wheel in this train! Even this train does not really fly, fly! Yes, there is no connection with the railway during the Maglev train. Its powerful countless magnet creates a very powerful electromagnetic field between the railway and the train, which fills the train from the line and the train flows over the bullet speed over the line! However, since 2004, this train, which runs from a small distance, runs short. Maglev rushing just 30 kilometers from Shanghai’s central Pudong to Pudong airport. Maglev took time to cross this 30-kilometer route with 574 passengers, only 7 minutes. Although Maglev is the highest speed of the journey within 4 minutes of the journey, it does not need to be run at the highest speed. But for this 7-minute journey, the quality of Bangladesh will be 660 rupees. And if you want to go to VIP, then double, 1320!

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