Wonderful style of marriage around the world


It is a popular phrase in the rural area of ​​”Bully of one country, the slip of another country”. The truth is found in the rules of different countries, the differences between rules and regulations. In a country, the rule is celebrated very prominently, in other countries the rule is seen in the eyes of the crime.

This is true for marriage rules too! In some countries of the world, strange rules are arranged in marriage, which will surprise you along with your laughing. Let us introduce you to some strange rules today.

There is a difference between the formalities of marriage, race, religion, caste and culture. A lot of things you may find very funny, weird or disorganized. The country has such a diverse culture of marriage. They show us their history and tradition, and we have to show them There is more to try and bring something good and happy. Here, know about the formalities of some diverse marriages.

For example, the words of Indonesia There the bride’s feet can not touch the ground. For this reason, the girl went to the bridegroom’s house in her father’s lap.

Why do not you think of Borneo again? There the bride and bridegroom do not enter the bathroom for three consecutive days. It is believed that if this rule is followed, success of both of the new world will come.

The rules of the Pacific region but more curious Beautiful rats were sent as a betting house in the house. How many mice will it depend on how beautiful the wife is about how she is.

Many times in China, the parents of the two parties did not show anybody the wages of the son-in-law’s brother-in-law. You can see two people after the formalization.

Greenland’s marriage rule may seem absurd to you. There husbands are home owners. It is time to tell her power at home. Then the groom took her new wife’s hair to the house.

The rules of the Amazon laugh or cry – it’s your wish. There is a need to be a thief before a week of marriage. He steals chickens from different villages and stole his head. After that he left the feet of the chickens near the bed of the bride.

In Germany, porcelain plates are broken out of the wife’s house, to bring good fortune.


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