With the bottle fishing in this way never seen before!!- Watch in the video


Never before seen the fish with the bottle !! Fishing is an art. Many spend hours in the hobby while fishing for hours. There really is another kind of joy in fishing. The people of the city are deprived of this joy.

And fishing with bottle is another kind of entertainment. Only those who take regular fishing will understand that joy. Although it is not very popular in our country now. Seeing the video will be fun.

Click below to view the video.

The video is below the post. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the video.

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The husband himself used to do nightly video of the night, then …

They first created relations with young people by introducing themselves to the United States. Then the dream to take it to London. That dream was caught in the trap of youths. Then married. After marriage, Bashar used to do nightly video of her husband. And with that video, there is tremendous fraud.

The night of the night of the night of the bus was forced to do the illegal work of supplying drugs to those youths on the internet. It was forced to do sexual acts. It was a sexual assault. Similar cycles were found in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir’s Mirpur.

Indian media reported that more than 15 young women were trapped in the trap of that gang. The person named Mumtaz was led by the main movement. He would have called himself a British-Pakistani.

After the marriage, members of this fraud team refused to take the newly married wives to the UK. A young girl would not have been given a divorce. Rather they had to face false cases of theft against them. The accused are currently absconding.

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