Why the ships and planes disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle? Leaked is mystery


Bermuda Triangle – The Bermuda Triangle, which covers an area of ​​nearly 5 million square kilometers in the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the most mysterious regions of the world. It is said that up to 75 airplanes and more than one hundred ships have disappeared mysteriously from crossing this area.

From that point on, there are many imagery centers around this region. Someone says that the region is actually lodged in the vinagrahaan species, someone once thought that the Atlantic remained in an undisturbed empire. Needless to say, none of these theories is very scientific. But now this time scientists have created a new theory to break this mystery.

A group of scientists believe that a hexagonal cloud stays in this region are acting in the back of the ship and airplanes disappearing. Scientists claim that this hexagonal skyscraper creates ‘air bombs’. As a result, the weather in Bermuda Triangle is always very bad. The ship and the airplanes, and eventually collapsed after being caught in this bad weather, and finally collapsed in the oceans.

Meteorologist Randy Sarweny, under the scientist, explained the matter to the media and said that such a type of airbase was originally developed on the name of Microbresst. By the influence of the clouds, the wind came down low. The speed of this wind may be around 170 miles per hour. These intense wind blows down and throws on the sea level and knocked around. As a result of this, a cyclone in the Bermuda Triangle was created. Ships and olympones are the victims of this vortex. The image of NASA satellite imagery or picture of this six-cornered skyscraper has been captured, says Surveyor

Scientific explanations of the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, however, have been given earlier by scientists. In March this year, a group of scientists claimed that the explosion caused by a volcanic eruption in the Himalayas Triangle, which was planted in a depth of half a foot and about one and a half miles, caused an explosion of airplanes and ships, which were completely destroyed due to crossing the region. This time, Surveyi and his colleagues raised another theory. Now look at the logical basis of this theory, that is to see.

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