Who will work with Suhana, Every producer wants to get him


From the beginning the discussion and debate did not stop Shahrukh’s daughter. Every one get her. It can be said that all the directors are crazy for him. Do not debate with any movie. Choose which manager. She is waiting around the media. Suhana has begun to overcome the controversy after the picture of Shahrukh’s daughter, who was suffering from the controversy.

It is said that the painting picture throws him a big challenge. At the moment, looking at Shahrukh’s daughter Suhana’s ‘yes’, all the Bollywood looked all over. Many directors of Mumbai are trying to cast Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana in her own film.

Just what is Bollywood? Bengali director Sujoy Ghosh and he wants Shah Rukh’s daughter’s Bollywood debate in her hands. Director Karan Johar Suhana Khan wants to debut his production Karan Naa, Shah Rukh, Gauri wants to debut his daughter with another Bollywood director’s movie. Shahrukh Khan had earlier said that Suhana will be doing the same after completing her studies.

Suhana shares a video with her Instagram handles after being blown by Bhavya India. But all the time when Suhana is writing full name in Bollywood, the discussion is going on with welding.

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