Who is this robot Sofia – how is this robot Sofia made?

Who is this robot Sofia - how is this robot Sofia made?

This robot Sophia – the ‘citizenship’ of Saudi Arabia, the robot of Sophia, which can be expressed as a human-like expression, has been taught to love people like humans. Made by Hollywood legend Adre Haipburn, Sofia now wants to take a child. The family also wants to form In a recent interview, when asked about his future plans, he says that the family is very important.

Robot Sophia, a Hong Kong-based robot manufacturing company, created Hanson robotics. Artificial intelligence Sophia can face almost like people. But his reaction is not already determined. During the conversation, the machine responded with the learning process and learned the information from the robot.

Regarding the expectation of children, Sophia says, “I think if you have a loving family, you are lucky … I think it’s the same for robots and people.” Sophia wants to get daughter as a child. And what would be the name of her name, Sophia says, ‘Sofia’.

However, Sofia has the ability to have such excellent conversations, but the robot still has no consciousness. Robot’s creator David Hanson is hopeful that Sophia will develop further in the coming years.

In fact, Sofia is coming to Dhaka to attend the inaugural function of the ‘Digital World 2017’ fair in Dhaka on December 6. His creator will be with David Hanson Earlier, there was a fierce debate on ‘Sophia’ giving Saudi Arabia citizenship.

There has been a lot of discussion and criticism about whether this robot is enjoying more rights than a Saudi woman. This robot was exhibited in a ceremony in Riyadh city of Saudi Arabia last October. Hundreds of delegates present at the exhibition are so impressed by the robot that it was immediately given Saudi citizenship.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Alan Turing is called the father of artificial intelligence. To test whether Alan Turing is a machine intelligent in the 1950s

A test has been mentioned, which is known as the Turing Test. Many research on artificial intelligence at that time, but after a long time the research on AI remained closed. Computational power is considered as the main reason. The computers of that time were not so powerful.

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With the increase of computer processing power, research has started with artificial intelligence again. A few days ago Facebook, Google, Amazon contracted to research on AI. Elon Musk has formed the OpenAI platform.

Knowledge Representation & Reasoning is the main thing that needs to be done to create an intelligent program. And how well human brain works for Knowledge Representation & Reasoning, scientists are trying to imitate it.

We researched space. We dream of creating human colonies in Mars. I do all this by using the brain. Even though the space is far away we can learn a lot. But we do not understand how the brain works, yet. As far as we understand, we are trying to create an intelligent system using the same tuck.

The human brain consists of neurons. There are about 100 billion neurons in our brain. These are connected with one, like a network. Artificial neural networks have been created by imitating this biological neural network.

Artificial neural networks are just part of artificial intelligence. Basically this is a branch of machine learning.

And machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. Other things of AI without machine learning are natural language processing, object recognition, pattern recognition, robotics, evolutionary computations such as genetic algorithms, fuzzy systems, prebility, prudication, knowledge management and others.

Computer or any machine is a fool box. Interacting is needed to make them work. Using programming languages, we give some instructions to computers or machines, computers or machines work accordingly.

The machine that we give instructions to this machine will work accordingly. It can not do anything out of itself. If the machine has to do something manually, then it will require some correctness. In the correctness of the machine we call Artificial Intelligence If you think of a robot, the robot’s intelligence is artificial intelligence.

What is the point of intelligence?

Intellect is the ability to gain knowledge and apply it. General programs can not acquire knowledge. But the machines or programs that are created in such a way that they can learn something manually, we call them intelligent programs or intelligent machines.

As Google search program is an intelligent program. If we search something, it shows our search results based on our previous search history, age, location etc.

If we can improve artificial intelligence, then it will be the most amazing change or the most awesome change.

Even our existence can be destroyed. We humans are intelligent, Curious. We want to see what happens in futures. That’s the point of view. And that’s why we will develop artificial intelligence. We will try to make the computer intelligent like people.

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