When the dog is the protector of ducks!

Mother dog

When the dogs are duck – when people around the world are engaged in violence, then there is a strange contradiction in animals! Forgetting her own clan and heritage, a dog is growing up in her affection with some ducks. Ducks and dogs usually do not have friendships. On the contrary, the duck team ran out of fear when they saw the dogs. However, this traditional rule has broken a dog in the United Kingdom, which is bigger than a duckling duck.

This strange view has been found in the stansed town of Northern County of Essex, UK. A few months ago, leaving a few ducks in a house in the city, mother duck was lost.

Mother dog

When the duck kids are dying, a dog in that house appeared in the role of the Trinity. The labrador-born dog dragged the duck kids with utmost compassion. Since then dogs have played their mother’s role. Now the child’s constant companion and guardian dog Information: Independent.com

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