what to do immediately after burnt


Know, what to do when it is burnt, it is not possible to stop burning the hands and feet on all the household activities. However, it is possible to reduce the burn rate by increasing caution in the workplace.

Even after being cautioned, after burning the legs, many people increase the wounds by doing this, it increases the risk of burning twice as much. Several effective home remedies can be applied to reduce the wounds of burns. For example,

Cold water

Even after being careful, if the hands are burned, the cold water will be poured in the wound for a long time. Reducing the irritation of cold water in the cold water reduces the risk of blisters.

Wash the affected area with cold water after every two or three hours. However, ice should not be used in burnt places. Because ice may cause burns due to damaging the blood by stopping blood circulation.


If burnt somewhere, put Aloe Vera prison in place and burn it. Alcoholic have the ability to reduce pain. If you put the aloe vera in the burnt place, you will get a cool feeling on the skin and reduce the irritation.

First wash the burnt place with cold water. Then take fresh juice out of a paste of aloe vera leaves and burn them in a burnt place. This way you can put it several times a day.


Vinegar is the natural astringent and antiseptic. So the use of vinegar in the burnt place can be found comfortably. Wash the wound by mixing equal amount with vinegar.

This mixture will reduce the pain and get some relief on the skin. You can put a cloth on the wound and put a cloth above it. After every two to three hours the clothes will be changed.


Reduce the amount of irritation in the burnt place in the fire. Honey is a natural antiseptic and it helps in reducing the risk of infection by stopping the germs in the burn area, and helping to dry faster.

You can put a clean slim cotton cloth or honey on a burnt stove. Change clothes for 3 to 4 times a day. Following this procedure, the burns wound will be faster and will not be scratched.

T bag

When a part of the body burns a little bit, the bag will be released a lot. The tea leaves contain tannic acid which cools the skin.

So using cold cold tea bags in the burnt place can reduce skin irritation and discomfort. Hold some cold-wet T-bag in the burn place.

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