What is your blood group ‘O’ ?? So be careful now!!


What is your blood group ‘o – what’s your blood group’ and ‘? So be careful now because a test done in Japan has found that people of blood group people are more likely to die or become paralyzed.

In this test it is found on some 900 people who have died, whose blood group ‘and’ their death rate is 11 percent.

According to Dr. Wataru Takayama of Tokyo Medicale and Dental University, whose blood group ‘and’ their bleeding caused more bleeding.

It has also been found in this study that how many people in a blood group are being scared in the accident. Surveys say ‘and’ blood group patients are becoming more horrified.

As a result, their bleeding rate is much higher than other blood groups. In this regard, doctors say that the main ingredient of blood clotting block is less than the other blood group of ‘blood group patients’ and ‘blood’ is more than others. The bleeding is higher than others, and their chances of death are high.

But as a remedy, Wattaru Takayama said, there is no reason to worry. Just have a look at food chess. It has to say “do not be cautious”. So those ‘and’ positive or negative, they try to keep themselves a little careful.

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