What is the reason for the 70 year old Arabs who want the beautiful 13-year-old infant girls?


Arabs people are beautiful – Love is the first of all in this world. And in our society there are some people who do not respect women, they have a good basis.

And here girls are playing with them thinking of selling the body. And in this world there are some countries where girls are used as toys. And there can not be any help to girls there or do not know about it.

And many times women try to protect themselves, but they do not get much profit.

And every country and state have their own traditions in the world. And there are some traditions that make girls feel oppressed.

And if that is the case of Saudi Arabia, then the situation of girls is worse. And many people from our country of India are being sent to Arabia by showing greed for money.

And almost everyone knows what is done with Arab girls. They have been using these girls for a long time. But a few days ago, a great mystery came up before them.

And there is no news coming every day about the fun of the old man, and after reading it you are compelled to be ashamed. But a few days ago a news created a storm.

In fact, during this time the war in Syria was almost destroyed. And as a result of this, everything was eaten out of human consumption. And as a result of this, the people of Saudi Arabia want to take advantage of their helplessness.

And in a report, they know that they have brought girls and used them. And for those who buy them, they are 70 years old.

And such an elderly people are buying girls at low prices with the help of women’s helplessness. And the most surprising thing is that no one is opposing this incident that happens here. Actually, there are people who think so much about food that they have forgotten about humanity.

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