What is the 7-day kalagira playing? I will start eating food and now it will start


What is blackjira playing – Blackjack is a very familiar name. The great power that God has placed in small black grains is truly amazing. Blackgram has been used as antidote and resistant to various diseases of the human body since ancient times.

What is black magic: Blackjiras include phosphate, iron, phosphorus, carbon-hydrates, and other components of antibiotics. Kalogara has anti-cancer keratin and strong hormones, various urinary tract infections, digestive enzymes and antioxidants and antioxidants.

Karyakshra: brain, hair, bald and beard, ears, teeth, tonsil, galagitha, burn narga or bisarga, gland disease, acne, all skin diseases, blacksmith, leprosy, fracture, diabetes, blood clots and cholesterol, kidney, urinary ovary, liver and Spleen, cold stomach, heart and blood flow, acidity, diarrhea, stomach and cerebral, prostate, ulcer and cancer.

Blackjack is also useful for raising hair loss, headache, insomnia, headache, protecting beauty, beauty, fatigue, weakness and inactivity, eating disorders, brain power, and memory.

Excessive energy in daily life is unavailable due to the use of blackjiras. Using black pepper oil, you can go to sleep during the night. Calorie intake increases the immunity.

Preparation of medicines: We have already said that we are using blackjira tinctures, pill and oil medicines. Sometimes, I am using a combination of medicines in combination with other medicines. Black pepper oil is mixed with olive oil, nim oil, garlic oil and sesame oil. Blackjack arak + orange juice.

Use: Black Pepper + Blackgram with Mint Tea + Black Cumin + Garlic + Onion Black Pepper + Carrots

Headaches: Massage the blackjirra oil on your chest and forehead, 3/4 times daily. Drink a teaspoon of oil in an empty stomach for three days. Usually use a combination of garlic oil, sesame oil and black pepper oil for massage.

Apply homeopathic medicines to homeopathic and other biochemistry in combination with neural mucus and calcarias. If needed, you can use bedlaw first.

Hairpowder: All the scalp with lemon is very rough. After 15 minutes wash with shampoo and remove the head properly. Then after drying the head hair thoroughly massaging the blackjari oil in the entire skull.

The hairstyles will stop in 1 week. In the head pain, black pepper oil can be given to mint. Tincture of this mint may be mixed with garlic oil, Tilal, olive oil and black pepper oil together.

Cuff and asthma: Black and greasy on the chest and back. In this case, it can be mixed with other massages beneficial for asthma. In-house application of homoeopathic medicines

Memorandum and quick feeling: 1 teaspoon of black pepper oil and 100 grams of mint flour 10 days sev. Along with this, Calcaria phosphate 12 x 30x days 3 times 4 pills. Enjoying with little warm water.

Mixing black pepper tincture and mint toner 3 times 15-20 times a day, 1 hour before eating and 1 hour later, Calcaria phos 12x and 4 pills. Kelly Foss 12x and need to be given together.

Diabetes: A blending blend of black pepper and pomegranate, black pepper oil is beneficial for diabetes. According to the patient, other homeopathic mothers and herbs are available in the hospital.

Kidney stones and bladder 250 grams of black pepper and parallel pure honey Mix the black pepper and mix it well with honey and mix two teaspoons mixed with hot water and drink half a cup of oil per cup of oil.

Using black pepper tincture honey 3/4 times a day will enjoy 15 grams. Barraris root araka or other homeopathic or biochemic medicines
As well as

If fat and cardiovascular disease is mixed regularly with black pepper mixed with or mixed with oil or arak, it will be as good as heart disease, and fat and circulation.

Acidite and gas-based solids are cure milk and a big spoon of black pepper oil daily for 3 to 5 days.

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