What is sex infections? Why is that? if you don not know then know it


What is sex infections? Why is that? If you do not know – usually sexual intercourse is responsible for sexual infections.

Sexually transmitted infections in the face and genital sex anywhere in the infected disorder, it affects others, usually five sexually transmitted diseases are found in the earth.

Of these syphilis and gonorrhea heads. In addition, the cycloid, lymphgranoloma benaras and granulomas injectable some other diseases.

Sexually transmitted diseases of women are usually caused by polygamy. On the other hand, homosexuality and prostitution are the result of men to have sexually transmitted diseases.

Sexually transmitted diseases for both men and women are very risky for sex life. Discussion about women’s health should be discussed on various sexually transmitted infections.

The signs and symptoms of sexual problems and symptoms in the vagina or rash near the rash. Ras kashakira rash. Women’s breast tweezers; Violet headache;

Other signs and symptoms of the body- Fast loss of hair loss of eye infections Pulse headache lip rash rash in other parts of the body
Rash of fingers and fingers in the skin

Hygiene instruction-

1. Regular daily routine wash
2. Wearing cotton linen
3. Wash the genitals with chemicals
4. Wash the back from the front of the ass
5. Change the lingerie every day
6. Be sure to have sexual intercourse
7. Before sex, men should use condoms
8. Before and after sex, washing the genitalia of the woman
9. Leaving urine after sexual intercourse
10. Take regular doctor’s advice
11. Keep in mind that sexual behavior is not free
12. Sexual intercourse or partner medical examination

Dr. Mohammad Firoz

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