What is Dude You Say Bollywood After Hearing Salman’s punishment


What is Dude You Say Bollywood After Hearing Salman’s punishment?

Salman Khan’s 5-year jail, 10 thousand taka penalty sentence, what is the meaning of Bollywood, politics world’s chariot-maharythira? 1998

Saif Ali Khan, along with others, has been acquitted of the gruesome deer victim case, but the actor’s brother has been convicted.

Neelam, Sonal Bendrera is declared innocent, but Jodhpur Central Jaili will have to spend till the bail application is made in the sessions court tomorrow.

Jaya Bachchan is very worried about it. Aishwarya Rai’s mother-in-law, Salman’s mother, says it feels bad. Salman should have been spared. Many people have done a lot of work in Mars.

However, Salman is sympathetic and being trolled to the social media, Jaya. One has written, Kali, she has to show sympathy even if she is beaten by someone in Jaya’s family. Wearing a politician who is silent!

But Jaya is not alone, before the announcement of the verdict in Salman’s case, somebody like Rani Mukherjee has said in support of the verdict. Shilpa Shinde, the hockey actress, Salman’s Race 3 director, Remo Disuja, Big Boss 11 winner

Bollywood’s famous director Subhash Ghai tweeted, ‘I am shocked. There is full confidence in India’s judicial system. There are many doors open to apply for the final trial.

Actor Arjun Rampal also thinks Salman has been given a very high punishment. He wrote in Twitter, ‘The law will run on its own path. There is nothing to say about that. But now I feel helpless to myself.

I am with Salman and his family. Because, Salman was convicted of criminal charges. It’s too hard. Hope he will get justice. ‘Ramo said, Salman does not say anything about the case during the shooting session. Abu Dhabi did not say anything during the shooting. Everyone associated with the big release of his Eid, wants to end the long pending case.
The Queen has said that, my love is always with her. Always say

Shilpa Shinde said, these are the trivial aspects of life. There is much more in life. These nonsense should keep away from the matter as great people like him. I hope the disaster will be cut in his life.

Actor Sameer Soni said that the verdict, which was released by Salman, in the verdict of the actress Neelam, who was released on bail, is a matter of happiness for herself. But it looks bad for Salman, I am suffering. Fine justice is not in the case.

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