What do you know with snake tongue? Nature’s Creation Will embarrass you


What do you know with snake tongue? The nature of nature will make you shy-shake tongue. Seeing heart rate stopped. Fears?

At first it can be said that, as terrible as the serpent, silly animals Snakes do not harm anyone if they are not afraid or hungry.

Come to the context of the tongue. When the mouth of the snake opens, the tongue does not look good first. The snake can easily keep the tongue in the mouth inside the mouth.

The snakes hide behind the bottom of the rows of their tongue. Only the front side slip can be seen.

If you notice, the snake faces the tongue without opening the mouth. There is a hole in the middle of the snake and the lower jaw (in the human case, which is the lips).

The snake leaves their tongue out there. This leak is called the Russell Grove. What comes out of the juice of the snake groove with this gravy?

After coming out of the mouth, the chemical adjective mixed with the air seems to have a snake.

After that, the tongue turns away in the mouth. Straight tongue runs the tongue in ‘Jackson’s organ’.

What is this Jacksonson organ? The top of the mouth of the snake, which is said to be sarcas, this ‘Jackson Organ’.

There are two leaks in this jackson organ. The snake’s snake becomes the tip of the tongue, this leakage pair. The snake grasps, where is the key. No taste, odor!

Yes, the snakes do with the tongue, our smell is like the sniff. The snake gets the snake with the tip of the tongue and the smell around it.

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