What did you understand?Bricks made of ‘human urine’ by their hands!


The ground is burned to the brick. And the bricks are made of houses. But have you ever heard that bricks have been made with urine? Not to hear Because this was the first time a researcher made bricks with urine.

Researchers at the University of Cape Town of South Africa say that this bio-brick has been built on the basis of the special scientific method. In the language of science, microbial carbonate precipitation. Urea is extracted from urine using sand and special type of bacteria. Then calcium carbonate was made from various chemical reactions. After that the sand was turned into brick by any size. This whole process is described in detail in a chemical engineering journal.

Researchers at the University of Cape Town have tested their strength by making various types of bricks. Whether it is possible to make the building with this brick, it is seen in detail. And they passed the exams. More interestingly, the house temperature is less comparable with this brick house. Such a discovery in the era of global warming is undoubtedly surprising. According to the researchers, the user can make bricks of the temperature just as they need. The brick has more details about how it will be stronger, in the journal.

Earlier, in the US, synthetic solutions used to make bricks, experts said. But the idea of ​​making bio-bricks with the urine of humans is the first. And it has been completely successful. Many people who were hiding in the urine might have been unknown.

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