We still use five thousand years old things that we still use

Ludo king

People of Harappa civilization started using these things some five thousand years ago. Then people from different countries of the world are still using those things. So, the residents of Harappa civilization, the real inventor of these things, can be said.

From six to six digits, the text of Luduk is being used from Harappa civilization.

Old game

Burned clay dolls and toys are used from Harappa civilization. Now we used to decorate those toys or doll houses.

Oldest game

Seven cottons Harappa was the main game of civilization. The boys and girls in the village are still in this game.

Oldest game

One time the name was Chintung Now that chess.

Cloth hook

Harappa and Mohenjodaro, the color of the colors were found in the ruins of two civilizations.

Old scale

The residents of Harappa civilization were careful about the right size. So from that time they used scale.

Oldest kitchen

The use of the oven from Harappa civilization. Still running.

Old accessories

Five thousand years ago, women used to make bread or crisp through Belna.

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