Want to be pregnant soon? Then follow these simple ways …


Want to be pregnant soon – feelings of a mother can not be expressed in words. We can only say that it is the most beautiful feeling of a woman. But nowadays due to the problem of the increase in lifestyle and infertility of women, many women are deprived of happiness from their mother or many problems arise in their pregnancy.

However, if we give the millions of reasons for modernization, it can not be denied that women are always blamed for not being a mother in our society. This is another matter that science has also shown that both men and women are responsible for this.

Well! If you face similar problems, then we have come up with a way that can be useful for your pregnancy as soon as possible. Do not delay read immediately.

Sexual intercourse during the period of ovulation

An egg is made in women’s ovaries every month, which is in fallopian tubes. When the sperm reached there, the eggs were banned. It is called fertilization in general language.

14 days are ovulation

Ovulation occurs during 14 days of women’s menstrual cycle. Sex at this time increases the probability of pregnancy. Therefore, remember that having sex during ovulation can be good for you.

Missionary position

It is not enough to just sex for pregnancy, sex is very different, which is very important. Missionary position for pregnancy is considered as a best position.

Taking medication

There are some medicines used by women that prevent women from getting pregnant. Ebufen or aspirin etc. In addition, medication taken during chemotherapy may prevent you from getting pregnant forever.
Learn more about other methods.

Men do not even take this medicine

Testosterone supplements, anabolic steroids, which are eaten during body building. They actually affect the reproductive power. For this reason men’s sperm becomes inactive.

The position of the dot

If you have sex in the position of the position, the penis can reach the womb of the womb. Because of this position, the sperm of men is deposited in the vagina of women, which in turn increases the chances of fertilization.

Alcohol consumption

According to research, drinking alcohol reduces the chances of women getting pregnant. Even now women are having sex during her ovulation day. However, alcohol has a bad effect on women’s health that they feel a problem of pregnancy.

The density of semen is less

Men should also keep distance from alcohol as well as alcohol, because the excessive amount of alcohol can cause the body to become impaired. For this reason, the amount of testosterone increased in blood and decreased sperm density.

Increase in women such as breeding capacity

Good food plays an important role for good health. By eating, nut, walnut, olive oil, fish, pea, curd, ribs, tomatoes, beetroot etc. increase the reproductive capacity of women.

Men can also eat this thing

Foods like male zinc such as pulp and pumpkin khan. Zinc increases sperm count and mobility. Besides, avoiding soybean and soy milk is good because they slow or destroy sperm.

Weight control

Keep normal weight from 20 to 24 BMI. Being overweight, the menstrual cycle may be disrupted, due to which ovulation may be damaged. Stay active physically for this. Regularly add and exercise.

Consult with the doctor

Also share your medical history with doctors, if you are taking any medicines for hypertension, diabetes, pisios, thyroid or any other health problem, tell them.

In this way, you can also accept the joy of a mother and it is important for men to know about it that you have enough hands to be your father as much as your wife.

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