Want Normal Delivery? If you know what to do during pregnancy!


Normal Delivery Choice – Pregnancy glow is now glowing on your eyes, face. You are always happy to feel the mother’s happiness. Thinking is just one thing. Normal delivery will be? Or will it go through the thorns?

Do not worry. If you do not have any major complications, following certain things during pregnancy, you can give birth to your baby normally.


After you know pregnancy, follow dietary supplements. Eat plenty of healthy foods, fresh fruits and vegetables. At the same time, emphasizing iron, calcium-rich foods. Eat regular multivitamin. As the body muscles are loose, the likelihood of normal delivery will increase.

Active Lifestyle

Many people spent the entire time sitting in Pregnancy. It should not be at all. If the doctor tells you not to stay in bed rest, and have no other complications, stay active.

Do light work at home. Spend your doctor with advice. Go for morning and evening. The weight will be low, the body will be healthy, the normal delivery channels will increase.


Water is very important for fluid movement in the body to be good. Blood transfusion is good. Constipation is not a problem. So, playing more water, delivery will be much easier. Eat 8 to 10 glasses of water every day during pregnancy.


Normal delivery requires the body to be healthy, neat. If the stress increases the body will get worse. Keep yourself happy all the time. If you need to go to psychologists. Pregnancy Massage reduces stress.

Birth plan

Consult the doctor at the beginning of the pregnancy and plan it. Open up your problem. Doctor’s directions, follow the rules. The less worrying. The whole thing will be a lot easier.

Parents Class

Before going to the child’s birth, go to a nearby parental class at home. All these classes are taught how to be easily, in a short time and at least in the child’s birth.


Very useful yoga for normal delivery. In this, the body muscles will remain loose, the weight will remain under control, even the stress will decrease. So make regular yoga to reduce the pain of delivery. But of course, consult a doctor.

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