Wandering around in the Metro without pants Boys – girls, but why?


At the metro  – soon after the pants, the students have to celebrate many special days each year. Not only that, today’s world is celebrated so much that the time will come when 365 days of the whole year will be accepted for some reason.

Celebrations abroad are celebrated which is so weird that Indians can not even think about it. Such a strange day, ‘No Pants Day’ It began to celebrate in 2002.

On this day people do not pants and then roam all over the public. It is usually celebrated on the first Friday of May every year.

Remember, Aamir Khan came to the pic of ‘PK’ poster and watched it without distraction, and how much trouble it was with. If such a day is celebrated in India, then imagine how it can create bigger disturbances.

Let’s start with ‘No Pants Day’ and today we will also show some pictures about it.

Their hobbies go nude again

Naked halls started in New York spreading over 60 cities. Every year, people in these cities are seen walking around the streets without pants.

People in these cities celebrate

This event celebrates the lives of many cities including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Paris.

Girls also take part

Not just boys, girls also come forward to participate in this. We hope enough people will want to go there after learning this.

Cold can not stop them

More than 800 people celebrate ‘No Pants Day’ in London. You will be surprised to know that London’s temperature reached 3 degrees on that day. Therefore, it is not wrong to call these people dangerous players.

Seven people started

It does not say that the fire of the fire becomes fires. Similarly ‘No Pants Day’ was started by seven people of the famous theater group ‘Evaprov’.

The whole day spent in the subway

They spent all day without pants on the subway. Then gradually the events that started in New York became popular in America and Europe.

That was the purpose

This event started with a very good purpose. Its purpose was to make people laugh. Actually, what could be a larger gift than a laugh?

Use like a stranger

Participants in this event behave like strangers with each other. Because of this, the fun of this event doubled.
Couples are also seen

Many couples participate in this event who are seen to love each other.

People of the working class also take part

People from the working class also participate in this event. People wearing jackets, mufflers and gloves are all left without pants. If you get the opportunity, you can also go there once.

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