Viral Gayle by bowing his waist outside the field


Viral Gayle by bowing his waist outside the field

If you get a chance to dancing outside the field or outside of the field, then Chris Gayle will not miss it easily. Taking the century, the bat started to dance and started to dance to the child to swing.

Ever reaped the hands of the match with the hands of the dancer and expressed his joy. This is the reason of the field.

Outside of the field, Gayle can bowl Bagha Dancers on the dance floor. At this moment of social media such a scene from Viral Gayle Hariyan Swapna Chaudhari’s hit number ‘Teri Akhiko ka Kajal’ – Gayle can be seen in dance

Those who keep watching the ‘Universe Boss’ year after year, of course, can certainly say that this video is not a part of the eleven IPL season.

Shah Rukh’s movie in the movie Sunny Leone’s ‘Laila May Laaila’ song long ago, the Caribbean cricketer bowed in style.

But what does the dream of Gale’s old dance video to get the promotion of the snake in his hit number? Netizen has already started to raise this question.

Like Gayle in an old hand hit the IPL, so did his old video, but the new wave has shocked the social media.


Look what I found on Internet. @chrisgayle333 You are such a good Dancer.

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