Urgent things to do if electrocuted: see video


Due to your little carelessness can be a horrible accident. Being electrified is a terrible thing. Every day we have to take part in various activities of electricity. So, if you do not take precautions, then there is the danger of electrocution at these times.

Many electrons are electrified when there is any open source electricity or electricity in contact with them. Human survival depends on the power of electricity. The death of an unexpected person is not impossible even after a lot of electricity goes away in the body.

Let us know if there is electrification if there is electrification.

Do not touch yourself

If someone is electrified, do not touch him in any way. Do not even give water on the body, but push it away. When pushing remove the dry wool, pieces of wood, newspaper or rubber with the electric electrolytic injection. It will be possible to get the person out of the power source.

Mind switch

Ask someone to stop switching fast. Sometimes the time is lost when the main switch is closed, the result of which is the electricity generated person If so, try to remove it from the source of electricity. If you do not have the option, or if you do not find anything electrically on hand, then take the responsibility to stop switching fast.

Tighten your chest

Even after getting rid of electricity, the breathing process of the person is stopped. If so, turn on the heart by pushing the heart down. Also arrange the patient to the hospital quickly.

Hot milk

If you can remove from the source of electricity immediately after drinking hot milk and hot water feeder In this, blood circulation of the body will be normal.


Before switching off the main switch while working on electricity. Do the work of electricity with rubber shoes on the feet, do not do any work on the bare foot or do not do the intelligent work. In addition, in no way will the hands of the electric hand of the house hand.

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