Top 10 Motorcycles – Learn More with Prices


Top 10 Motorcycles – Learn More with Prices

World of 10 Motorcycles – For motorists, two wheels on the road are ideal for motorcycles. The motorcycles are different from any other vehicle. Independence like a motorcycle can not give you any other way. These motorbikes can be of thousands of designs, materials, brands, speed and of course depending on their price. But know what is the motorcycle worth millions of dollars! Today, let us know about the most expensive 10 motorcycles in the world.

1. EcoSOS ES1 Superbike

Richard Glover, Andy Le Fleming, and Richard Tyrell, these three engineers created the Ecosyas ES1 superbike motorcycle. This is the world’s most expensive motorcycle. Its price is 36 million US dollars. It’s not just cheap at all, it’s the lightest and fastest bike in the world. Its powerful engines, frameless chassis, carbon fiber, leather seats, unique suspension systems have been taken to another height. Motor Cyclist Weight 265 Pounds And it can run at a speed of 230 miles per hour.

2. Harley Davidson Cosmic Starships

It is the second highest expensive motorcycle in the world. Designed by Jack Arm Strong. Bike design has a world-wide fad. It also has six cylinder engine. Harley Davidson Cosmic Starships is worth $ 1 million.

3. Ultra Rare Pokropin

During World War II, Poképin Potham was created. In the National Museum of Coventry it has been preserved for 20 years. Its value is seven million 50 thousand US dollars.

4. Dodge Tomahak V10 Superbike

This motor bike can run at 450 miles per hour. It has eight decimal three liter and five horsepower V10 engine. Interestingly, there are four wheels on this motor bike. Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike price is 5.55 million US dollars

5. Yamaha Roadster BMS Chapar

It is called Sworn Wrap Custom Chopper. Its body is unique. And wrap the body of the bundles of gold. And so it is one of the most expensive motorcycle in the world. Its value is five million US dollars.

6. Legendary British Vintage Black

It was first made in the UK. It has two cylinders of 250 cc engine. Legendary British Vintage Black Price worth four hundred thousand US dollars

7. EcoSee FEI TI Titanium

Ecozy Motor made this bicycle. Its 225 horsepower engine is made of aluminum. This bike can move at a maximum speed of 225 miles per hour. Its worth is three million US dollars.

8. Ducati DemomCase D16RR NCR16

Used to create carbon fiber, titanium, avionic and aluminum bikes. Yet the weight of the bike is light. Just 319 pounds.

9. Ducati Tasta Straita NCR Maceaia Nira Concept

Al Dududi designed this bike. Its 135 horsepower engine can take high speed. The rest weighed 135 kg In 2003, Ducati Tasta Straita NCR Maceaia
Come to the market.

10. Suzuki AM Carbon Fiber Hyabusa

The bike was made with carbon fiber. Because of this, the weight of the bike is much less. It can run at maximum 186 miles per hour. Sujuki AM Carbon Fiber Hayabusar is worth 1.5 lakh to 2 million US dollars.

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