Today will last for three hours continuously, the last solar eclipse of the year


Today is 3 hours continuously – the world is going to witness another solar eclipse. The acceptance will last for three and a half hours. This is the last solar eclipse year. Two more solar eclipse were seen earlier this year. The last sunrise can be seen today on Saturday. But the question of whether the acceptance will be seen from Bangladesh, that is the question.

It is known that 65 percent of the world’s people will accept this. From the countries that can be accepted, America, North-West Asia, South Korea, Moscow and China are on the list.

The best way to see the acceptance is in the Northern Hemisphere. There are also a few parts of China that will be seen in the scene. Earlier on July 13, partial solar eclipse was taken. It was seen, in Antarctica, Australia and New Zealand.

But the viewing scene will be seen live in NASA. During the solar eclipse, X-ray plate or sunglasses can be seen later. Eyes are likely to be damaged if you take eyesight. In order to see partial solar eclipse, Nasa ordered to maintain alertness just like the solar eclipse.

London will start taking place in London on Saturday at 9 am. US space agency NASA said three solar eclipse could be seen next year.

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