Today will be 25 hours a day!


It will be day in 25 hours – the good news for those who do not have time for themselves and their families, offices, friends. It’s never possible to finish the entire job all day long. Sometimes we say why the days are so small. But in the future, some of her solutions might be matching.

If it is like 1 day in 25 hours. What will be the case. We all know 1 day in 24 hours. It’s a surprise to me because this is going to be happening in the coming days. Increasing the size of the day! And not in 24 hours, 1 day in 25 hours. Information that has recently emerged in one study. News Yahoo News

According to international news media, researchers from Columbia University and University of Wisconsin Madison reported such information.

Researchers say that on Earth 100 million years ago the size of the day was 18 hours. In order to increase the size in 24 hours. And it’s going to be in the next 25 hours.

Geologists have reached the conclusion that they have been tested in Arizona in the United States. This study, which was published in the National Academy of Sciences, has left the world untouched.

Professor Stephen Mears, professor of geology at the University of Wisconsin Madison, said that the moon is moving away from the Earth as time goes on. It is affected by the anecdote of the Earth. The world is taking more time to rotate around itself. As a result the day is getting longer.

He also said, in future, it is going to be 1 day in 25 hours. The distance between earth and moon is rising.

Note that the moon is the world’s only natural satellite and the fifth largest satellite in the solar system. The average distance of the center of the Moon from the center of the Earth is 384,399 kilometers (about 2338855 miles) which is about 30 times the diameter of the Earth. Moon diameter is 3,474.206 kilometers (2,159 miles) which is slightly more than one quarter of the Earth’s diameter.

It means the moon’s size is 1 percent of the Earth’s 50 percent. Gravity ball on its surface is one-sixth of the gravity force on the surface of the earth. If anyone weighs 120 pounds on the surface of the earth, then weighing only 20 pounds on the moon surface.

It completes a full rotation around the earth every 27.321 days. After every 29.5 days, the moon art comes back, that means the same thing happens again.

The chronological rotation of Chandra Kalar is due to the gradual change in geometry of the Earth-moon-sun system.

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