‘This half-face man is my love’


Half of the face of the face – Hashmat, in 1995, half of the face of the tiger was viciously destroyed by the attack of the tiger. The appearance was so terrible that no one feared him.

The girl got married. After marrying such a horrible face, the girl’s feelings were what she said in her own language.

‘At the beginning of our married life, I could not accept that my husband has half the face. On the first night of the marriage, I asked him to stay away from me. He used to respect me and respect me, because I feared him.

Then day after day she started expressing her love for me. He did not eat dinner without me even in those years.

My feelings towards him in his love, respect and compassion changed. I can see how beautiful he is from the mind. I love this half-face person. ‘

Asking the name of the woman of this beautiful mind, she refused to be named. I laughed with a laughing smile and said, “I’m the only one, I’m the wife of Hashmat.”

Such deep love stories always remain unreliable. Today’s generation understands love as romanticism, Laily-Majnun’s story, Emperor Shahjahan’s Taj Mahal or Titanic bamboo love love.

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