This actress has 14 times Abortion – If you know the whole story, then you will be shocked


Has been 14 times abortion – in the 90’s, she played side by side in several Bollywood movies. Name Shah in Kashmir She is currently the wife of Comedian Krisna Abhishek. She is also known about the TV serial.

She had been the mother of twin children in the Sarogesi method last year. Recently, in the Times of India interview, she gave sensational information about her mother’s experience. In the media, how much of his mother had to go through a difficult experience.

She said that she tried several times to become a mother by natural means. But he failed to repeat his decision to become a mother in the Sarogesi method. About 14 times the abortion was done.

He also said that many people thought that he chose the method of fertilization for the body structure or not to be broken. But this idea is totally wrong.

Three years of trying to be a mother continuously and struggled with. But 14 times of abortion is her. From then on he started taking IFF injection.

Apart from losing physical structure, the mood was sometimes not controlled. He was completely mentally broken.

Everything is late in life, he said. Mother has been in her age. But now his heart is filled with joy in getting two boys. Since her mother has changed everything in her life.

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