Things that happens when Milk is mixed with Coca-Cola (video)

Milk is mixed with Coca-Cola video

With Coca Cola – Milk and Coca Cola are two different types of drinks. Many are reluctant to drink milk Especially the kids. Many people do not want to drink milk too.

There is no objection to anyone to drink Coca Cola again. On one hand, healthy drinking milk, on the other hand, unhealthy but delicious Coca Cola – what will be the combination of them?

Makes mixed with Coca Cola, as if the explosion starts something?

No, the eyes will not be so big. You have to wait a few hours to see the real event. Watch what’s on the video.

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After mixing the milk in a bottle of coconut, after one hour, the mixture will come in transparent and there will be some brown flakes beneath the bottle. What kind of reaction occurs in the bottle?

According to Steve Spangler Science, a science-based blog, fluids and seals are different because the reaction between phosphoric acid and milk in coke.

Phosphoric acid molecules stuck with the milk molecule, so that its weight gets increased and separated from the fluid as caterpillar. The rest of the light fluid turns out to be transparent.

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