These women’s discoveries are not good for men …


These women’s discoveries are not good for men …

Made for women – In the old film, wearing yellow shirts and green pants, you will feel that it is not a hero joker. But at that time there was such fashion trend. It is a different matter that you find it strange. But nowadays fashion is not very good. Still people in the name of fashion, whatever they want.

Even among such fashion youths / young people are more common. In fact, everyone wants to keep themselves up to date.

Nowadaysfashion is changing very quickly. Now look at these fasons that are made for women.

It is another matter that no woman would think 10 times before using this strange discovery. but why ? This will know only after you read the story.

LED Blocks

This LED eyeliner will make you different from the crowd. But think of who will use it?

Lipstick or not lipstick

If you do not like to apply lipstick or lipstick, then this special thing has been made for you. You can get a shiny look by pasting this lipstick sticker on your lips.

See such strange trends, if you do not laugh then say.

Plastic face

If you feel lazy to makeup, then use these plastic face. But on the contrary, people do not think you are a robot.

Nail Polish Dryer

Did you see this easy way to dry nail polish? Haha … Not believing, nobody can discover such things.
Made the bra a handbag, but how. Check out later.

Do not take a handbag

If you forget your handbag or bag frequently, stop taking the bag today. Use this conventional ‘bra’. Keep your assets safe.

How’s this dress?

To the person wearing this dress, we would like to ask doctors like a chicken, “Who is dressing after a brother?”

Such interesting innovations are also waiting for you.

Especially for you

If you do not want to be away from your pets for one minute, then this fish tank bag has been prepared for you. So go and turn your fish around.

Obesity is far away

If you have been unstable to be fat but do not want to quit, this thorn can help you. This lets you know how many calories you have eaten.

see more.

One arrow two goals

If you feel lazy to throw and garbage, then there is no problem. Read these slippers and clean them without any effort. ‘Target two goals with an arrow’.

Really what

The umbrella has been put on shoes for sandals and shoes in the rain to prevent water from the water. It’s not funny .. Do you like to wear these shoes?

Now these discoveries have happened, but the same question still remains. Who will use these?

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