These pictures of Jahnabi Kapoor are warm enough to keep you warm during the rainy season …


These pictures of Jahnabi Kapoor – he has not yet started playing his Bollywood, but Jahnabi Kapoor is not already less than a star. The beautiful daughter of Sridevi and Boney Kapoor already has her place in the heart of Bollywood lovers with her fancy beauty and elegant style partnership.

He recently made another strong statement. This ceremony was her mother’s birthday party under the direction of fashion designer Monisha Malhotra. After the backslide with jeans, the shoe seized the eyes of the junkie after all. It was his goal that he defeated his mother Sridevi by his form.

Check out some of his pictures that have spread on the Internet, I will tell everyone that you must be mad by seeing him.

Jannah Boney Kapoor

When he came out, he snatched away all eyes and literally increased his desire to see his next image.

He is very nice!

When he appeared on the birthday of his mother Srivedi, his beauty kept us fascinated.

Her attractive personality!

Giving a silver discipline to the Hulk Dress, which was taken from the Australian brand Meshki and a basic denim pants, so that the jolly looked very great.

Wow! This charming smile!

The charming smile of this nice face, it can shake our heart.

Amazing beauty!

This 20-year-old star is sure to be the most beautiful star boy.

Head over!

Only a glimpse of these interesting faces can steal your heart. is not it ?

She is very nice, I must say!

Junkie has not yet made her debut in Bollywood, but she is also a little less than a superstar with a huge fan following.

He’s a surprise!

With the beautiful locks behind her sexy bare-back hair, the presence of Junkby in the party created heat from high to high.

She is sexy

Write down my friends, this star will surely build a bigger identity in Bollywood.

Her delightful beauty!

If it is believed in the report, then Jahnavi is ready to enter the Indian film world.


I can not remove his eyes from him.

We’re crazy about this wonderful look

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