These kids who have sunk their father’s name and have been a good example of photo shoots …


These kids who have sunk their father’s name and have been a good example of photo shoots …

The father’s name has sunk- “With the eyes of the children you will see, the world should be.” This is true.

But the whole line “You can see in the eyes of the kids, how the world should be, do not take pictures with them, they can pee.”

I know, I have broken the rhyme, but who come to it?

No doubt kids are beautiful, adorable and innocent, but sometimes they laugh at you. Children may be full of love and affection, but at the same time they are full of urine and mood. Remind you repeatedly that before the arrival of a bad time and urine and stool, they will not stare at the door.

For example, you are ready to go for a dinner after a long time, leaving your child in the house with a working girl. You are hugging your child and bingo in the next moment! You’re washing your unique dress in the bathroom.

We compiled a list of similar events in Beyond, Kolkata, where parents took their child to take a beautiful picture, but they [children] painted the whole picture in brown color.

See it once!

# 15 Happy in all the circumstances

There are new pictures taken with their newborn in the studio to take a traditional photograph with parents, or sometimes they call the photographer at home. And why not? After all, your kids will no longer have children.

But it is proven that this picture will be remembered for her father because she could not imagine it.

# 14 Mother is catching something.

Poor dogs, all the tensions in the family picture were broken. Or maybe someone else took his place in the family.

# 13 The father could not first believe where it came from

I have never seen a father enjoying urine of his child before. Look at the laughter of his face.

# 12 It’s a moment for the understanding of the older brother

And while taking photos with his youngest son and eldest son, Dad got some smell. Yes, it seems to be a big brother, but it is a moment of appreciation for most of us that we all did this work.

# 11 Surprisingly it is a way to provide a spa.

The comfort of the father’s face is that he is not aware that he has to take a bath and apply an additional soap behind him. However, he seems to enjoy the cold and wet feeling.

# 10 What do you say to this one? A baby shower, maybe

It could have turned into a beautiful picture, although it was lost for a moment for the baby. But they say, you can not forecast the rain and the train.

# 9 mother, saves the head of a father.

Parents, mothers and children, all of them enjoying their family time, have kept the picture forever, until the child gives up their breakfast milk.

# 8 Here, you have to take it on your face.

Look at the discomfort of this baby’s face. Looks like he tried to take revenge, using ‘Susu’.

# 7 Like a mother, son.

I do not want to blame my child for making this face.

# 6 Ah, it’s irrelevant.

Although the child seems to be enjoying taking this photo, at first. Maybe, she realized that her mother did not eat at lunch. So she started feeding.

# 5 When grandfather loves Grandpa more

Here it is a big line Grandfather thought it was sand, so he did not bother to check it. I wonder what the people in the beach can think of it.

# 4 This happens when you shake them.


There is a simple science behind it; Children can not control the body during childhood. So, it is obvious that something has to come out which will eventually come out. In real time

See # 3 baby’s face; As if it were done something.

The father has been suffering from this problem for a long time by keeping his child away from his mother. Maybe, this child is using the exemption plan.

# 2 As a result of such work.

Not that these kids do not just do it with their parents. Sometimes they even put it on themselves.

# 1 What’s wrong with this photo!

What did you find so much sunny in this picture? Share your feedback in the comments box below.

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