These girls were just taking pictures, #There was some terrifying thing that was caught behind …


The boys were just taking pictures – we all took pictures so that we can keep the moments spent with our friends. But many times a few pictures are also seen that we are surprised by the fact that this is what happened.

Many times in our pictures we see something that we do not believe in ourselves.

Something similar happened with the two girls in a school in the Philippines. See what they saw in the picture for which was scared.

This is the school whose photograph was taken in the bathroom

It is located in the Philippines, Rizal High School. The girl was taking pictures in the bathroom of two schools. But when they saw the picture there was some terrible thing in them.

This picture that everyone was surprised after seeing

This picture was taken by two girls school bathrooms. But when they saw the picture, sweat was scared of them.
Do you see anything behind

If you notice, you can see some black in the background.

See what do you think?

If you are able to see, you will see something strange. See what it looks like?

Is this a soul?

In this picture, a girl is seen sitting behind the girls, which the girls were afraid of. Because, according to them, when the image was taken, there was no one except the two in the bathroom.

This is not the first issue of school

You should say that it was not the first time in school when someone saw the soul in school. This happened since 1980 with the school’s sudents. It is said that a girl died in school. Since then there are some strange accidents in school.

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