These children are very funny they has changed the name of the parents, You’ll be surprised to see …


These children are very funny they has changed the name of the parents, You’ll be surprised to see …

These children do not dance or naughty – I have a friend. Whenever it comes to childhood mischief, he remembers those mischief. She often asked her grandma where the gold came from.

His grandmother replied ‘from the ground’. Then one day his birthday came and his mother used to wear a gold chain around her neck for a day. He was very emotional since his childhood, he went to the toilet with his sugar, put a lot of water in the toilet seat.

He comes back, his mother asked where is Chen? So the answer was: “China’s mother was in the soil, I gave her to her mother.”

We remembered him today because I saw some children’s pictures on the Internet like him. Now these kids are not fools or devil, you judge it.

Party has become

They will start to have fun at where kids leave. By mistake, he left the bathroom and he started the party there.

Junior Spider Man

If you think Spider-Man is only in comics and movies, then talk to this junior Spider-Man.

Dirty matter

Children do not understand dirty and good things. If they get condoms, then balloon it will fly.

I love you fish

Nothing is alive or dead to children. They love everyone, even it may be a dead fish.

Who has brush for two hours.

Can anyone think of kissing a pig? But children are less likely to do so. The mother of this child has at least brush her for two hours.

How did you do it?

If the girl told her father, then by spending a note she would have given her father such a lot of notes. But this has burned his chime.

We are all one

Children like to eat milk like cats and eat lions like food. But this child is one step ahead.

Chaddi Payhenkar flowers

“Jungle-jungle arthritis, heap leaves, chadadi pahnekar flowers khila ha phool khila hai”. This song can come to your mind when you see these children. Only the chaddi have fallen into the wrong place.

I will be black

I think this child’s favorite color is black, so she wants to be black. The poor mother, the sweat of her bathing may have gone out.

My swimming pool

She thought of a swimming pool in the toilet seat, in which she started bathing.

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