There is no accused in this country’s prisons!

There is no accused in this country's prisons!

The country that is in captivity – When other countries in the world are struggling to deal with crime, the Netherlands are in criminal crisis. Hundreds of prisoners in the country have been stopped due to lack of prisoners. The number of prison bars is very low in those still running.

A recent report by Al Jazeera said that in the Netherlands there are currently only 38 prisoners. The Dutch government is using closed prisons a little differently. They have sold six prisons. The rest are either rented, or have been allocated for social welfare purposes. Some jails have been converted into luxury hotels again. This means the government revenue revenues are also increasing. The country’s 130-year-old prison has been given for the use of young entrepreneurs. They are using it as a set of reality shows.

There is no accused in this country's prisons!

The Dutch administration says, if the young generation gets the opportunity to work, crime trends will decrease. On the other hand, the judges adopt different strategies to punish criminals. Instead of imprisonment, the criminals are employed in social service. Besides, one type of bracelet is being monitored on the basis of the rules of the criminals in full-time. As a result, the crime rate in the Netherlands has dropped to almost zero. It is expected that the country will be completely unclaimed within the next few years.

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