The world’s top ten beautiful women army, Those who do not see beauty Can not believe


Women army in the world’s 10 most beautiful-armed forces have enough participation. A large army was formed with women in different countries of the world. They started from the front war and active army of different parts of the army. One survey shows how beautiful women’s women soldiers are. Take a look at the beautiful women’s army top ten charts.

1. Romanian Army: Attacks in the army of Eastern Europe There are many beautiful women in their army. So Romanian women are staying in number one effortlessly.

2. Russian army: It is said that all Russian women in this world are beautiful. So, whatever part he takes in the army, he will be beautiful. Women in the country’s army are carrying out very important responsibilities. And the second place in the list.

3. Australian Army: Women first participated in Armed Forces in 1899. However, they were part of the nursing unit. Between 1941-42, women entered every part of the armed forces. The country is currently third in the list of beautiful army.

4. Greece Army: There are women’s army in Greece with the participation of many beauties in the fourth place. After every person has completed eighteen, compulsory to work 9 months in the army.

5. Israeli army: The women’s army in the war of liberation took part in the war. In addition to the list of beautiful forces, fifth place. After 18 years of Israeli women were pressured to join the army. So their army is part of many beauties.

6. Pakistan Army: Pakistani women occupy the sixth position on the list of beautiful soldiers. They face the most terrible conditions. Since 1947, the participation in the army began.

7. British Army: British women occupy seventh place in the list of attractive women soldiers. They started participating in Armed Forces in the 1990s. At present they are working in Army Combat Units, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force Regiment.

8. Polish Army: There are approximately 2,500 women soldiers in Poland’s army. Army, Navy, Air Force and Special Forces And eighth place on the list of beauties.

9. Czech Republic Army: Until World War II, women in Czechoslovakia did not have the opportunity to participate in the army. But they have been working as a medical army in the war. Later, women took part in a massive army. And the beautiful army occupied the ninth place on the list.

10. US Army: At the end of the list are US women soldiers Women of this country have been taking part in the army and the war before long. At present, they fight alongside male soldiers. According to the 2012 statistics, 14 percent of US Army occupy women. And these beautiful women but great fight.

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