The world’s most luxurious ship ‘Oasis of the Seas’, which is 5 times bigger than the Titanic!

The world's most luxurious ship 'Oasis of the Seas', which is 5 times bigger than the Titanic!

Wesys of the Seas – The name of the world’s largest luxury ship, ‘Wesys of the Seas’. The ship is five times as big as the Titanic. The Royal Caribbean International owns this proprietary rights. It will be astonishing to see the ship built by STX Europe.

The construction of ‘Wesys of the Seas’ began in 2006. By the end of 2008, this huge luxury boat floated in the first water. The 2,225,272 tonne vessel is 1187 feet in length and 208 feet in width. Besides, the ship has a 30-foot structure below the water.

The cost to make it was approximately 150 billion dollars. The 22-storied ship has 16 decks and 2700 luxurious cabins. A total of 2,300 passengers are in the ship carrying 2,100 employees.

It has a number of entertainment centers including Central Park, Pool, Fitness Center, Multiple Bars, Restaurant, Casino.

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There is a whole floating garden. There are 12,000 plants and 56 big trees.

The rear of the ship has a 750-seat theater, with four swimming pools.

The luxurious vessel will cost a cabin of $ 1458 for a total of 9 hours and 9 days in the Caribbean. Booking should be done at least two years ago.

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