The world’s most expensive shoes


There is no more royal shoes. The price of one pair of shoe is 123 crores.

Shoe shoe from Dubai agency Jada Dubai is a royal affair. This is the most expensive. Its value is 123 crore rupees.

The shoe showroom of this company has recently been launched in Dubai.

Each shoe carved out of manipulation.

Some shoe is more gold than it is.

There are only diamond shoes in this organization.

The opening ceremony of this shoe is the only Seven Star Hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab.


Prior to this, Debbie Wingam, the most valuable seller of shoes, was the agency.

Most of the new shoe collections are arranged with diamonds.

The organization name will be written in every shoe by gold.

Not just gold, diamonds. The main element of many shoe is platinum The names of these jewelery titles are named as ‘The Imperative of royalty’.

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