The world’s most expensive food, you will be surprised at the price


The world’s most expensive food, you will be surprised at the price

The most expensive food – the price of expensive food, and how much it will tell, sure 10 to 12 thousand or more than that. Those who think that if they hear the price of the most expensive food in the world, their heart rate may be banished.

Because the world’s most expensive food is not available in thousands of homes, it has cost millions of rupees.

The name of the food is cabbie. The price of only 250 grams of food is 1,875 euros, which means around 100+ thousand  rup in Indian money. The food is actually straw fish eggs.

Usually these fish are found in North and Central Asia, Europe and North America. The best caviar is the Black Caviar. This stough fish is available in the river estuarine in winter.

Eating deliciously, people in Western Europe are eating regularly for the sixteenth century. Shakespeare mentioned the caviar in his famous play ‘Hamlet’.

A little fat caviar in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe is considered as the main food for them. They eat caviar with vodka. During preparation of the caviar, the fiber and fat are removed carefully from the egg.

Then salt was filled with small jars or tin. Its saline taste is very nice. The food is not expensive for everyone.

Caviar is basically eaten with bread or toast or with a drink on small biscuits. There are also red caviar in addition to gray, light green and black caviar. These are made from salmon fish eggs. But the taste of reds is not so good.

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