The world’s most expensive cars, know how much price? Take a glance at it


The most expensive car in the world – I did not look down at low cost. But did you see the most expensive SUV? This car is the world’s most expensive sports utility vehicle, Carlton King. Take a look at the price and other features of the diamond cut shaped car.

A lot like heavy carloin king No one can buy this car weighing 6 tons. Only 12 cars have been manufactured by the manufacturers. As a result, the car can buy only 12.

This car can be fully customized as needed. This car seems pretty strong from the front. There are 4 people sitting in. The company logo is in Front Grill.

Outside the car, there is also a bright inside of the car. The car offers comfortable seats, hi-fi sound, private safe, phone and fridge. There is coffee machine and playstation 4.

Fully bulletproof this SUV is activated at 200 degree Celsius temperature. A Chinese company customized the car on the Ford F500 model

This SUV contains 6.8 liter V-ten engine. Out of this, 400 Horsapower power matches. The car can run at a maximum speed of 140 kilometers. The price of the car is around 16 crores in Bangladesh currency.


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