The world’s most expensive bikes


To date, the record for the world’s most expensive bike was in the possession of Vincent Bock Lightning in 1951. At the beginning of this year, the price of auctioned bike was 9 lakh 29 thousand dollars, which is about 6 crore taka in Indian currency. Due to auctioned price, the bike gets the world’s most expensive bikes.

Blue-Edition version of Harley-Davidson this bike. The name is ‘Softail Slim S’. The bike was built jointly by Switzerland’s famous jewelery and watch company ‘Bushar’ and the biking company ‘Bunderbak’.

A total of eight organizations of two organizations have prepared a bicycle design for 2500 hours of research, experimentation for a year.

360 diamonds were used to decorate the car. The screws used by the bikes are all golden.

Six colored coatings were given in the bikes. But the company that did not want to publicly reveal that quote technique.

So far the model of Harley-Davidson has emerged, and there was no clock in it. But one of the specialty of Blue-Editions is that a clock is fitted on the right side of its fuel tank.

On the right side of the fuel tank, 5.4 karat diamond ring was fitted. The clock on one side of the fuel tank and the other hand pointed ring and the light that came out of the house greatly enhanced the beauty of the car.

A special cage has been built on the tank to save the clock from the vibration of the car engine. Special holders have been made with silicone ring to hold the clock. If the bike does not run for a long time, the clock will not stop, because the holder will keep the clock active.




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