The world trembles Immortal love story of 20 lovers


love storyThe world trembles Immortal love story of 20 lovers

The love of the couple is immortal – love is very sacred to almost everyone except for a few people. Love is a matter of many desires and desires. All people wear love in somebody’s life. Sometimes it is immortal and it is discussed in the era of the ages and some are lost in the abyss.

But today’s arrangement of missing love is not about the story of 20 immortal love stories.

1. Romeo and Juliet

“Anybody who believes in this pair is the greatest publicity or the most famous among love stories or stories. The other name of love is Rimio-Juliet.

The world’s famous English writer, William Shakespeare’s tragedy is the “Romeo and Juliet!” Preceding the two previous families, and in love with the first glimpse of two young girls, by dynastic pride. In the next, family ties, intimidation, various mental suspicions – ignore all tension and marry them in various dramaticities.

And lastly, due to the misunderstood understanding of the two deaths due to poison! In all, Romeo-Juliet’s story has become an immortal love poem! So whenever there is talk of sacrificing love for the world, the name of this couple comes out first! Throughout the ages, many plays and movies have been made of “timeless love”.

2. Antonio and Cleoparta

One of the many names of Amar Premagandha, Mark Antony – Cleoporta Historical and simultaneous dramatic love is, between Anand beautiful Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and her chief commander Antonini.

This immortal love between the powerful and historical character was drawn to us in a fascinating way by Shakespeare through his magical writings. They marched by neglecting the royal coup, Jayaprajyai.

Later, for the breaking of the Antony’s war against Romania, he had heard the news in the battlefield that the enemies killed Cleopatra. Then Antonio died in his knife, while on the other side, Egyptian queen Cleoporta also committed suicide in his knife after hearing the news of Antoni’s death. Shakespeare said to them, “great love demands great sacrifices!”

3. Lancelot and Guinevara

Another royal, as well as one of the tragic gain stories, is the Arthurian love story Sir Lancelot and Lady Guinevara. English King Arthur’s wife, who was in love with Queen Guinevere, was a hero of the kingdom, Sir Lancelot. Because of the negligence and ignorance of King Arthur, once Queen Guinevara fell in love with him.

But one day, the other night of King Arthur, Sir Agravain, Sir Modred, and a group of soldiers discovered this couple in closed rooms. The punishment for the abduction of Queen Guinevara was pronounced in the fire.

Sir Lancashlut was able to fight and save his girlfriend Lady Guinevere, but they were divided in the whole state for their love and they blamed themselves for many deaths, and decided to separate themselves. Later, they both became ministers of religion in two different places.

4. Tristan and Axolaid

We know this unique love, during the middle-school rule. Princess of Ireland was AisleID, he was King Mark of Bagdatta of Cranwell. He gave responsibility to bring Princess Aisleide back to his kingdom, Cranwell, his brother’s son Tristan But in that tour, Tristan and Acylide fell in love with each other.

Although eventually the king of Aicholed King Markke was forced to marry. But their love story is not hidden in the state. King Mark pardoned both of them, and forcibly forced Tristan to leave the kingdom. Later, Tristan married a daughter named Isult, because of the same name as Alylied. But, the whole of his soul was covered with love for Aisleide.

At one point, Tristan became seriously ill with the exception of Aisleid. He sent a ship to see the last time Aichoed. His wife told Eiselt that if aiolide comes, then the white flag is fitted on the ship. But the wife Esvet is lying, the black plaque is kept on the ship. Triston thought the Axiom would not come back. Later he died. After his death, Aisleid died in his kingdom.

5. Paris and Helen

The Greek mythology is a combination of the fable and fiction, the name of the world famous epic “Iliad.” The Greek name “Grecilet” is the name of the war, “Trojan War!”, A whole city that was destroyed in war – Troy! In history, which is known as “war for Helen” or “Helen of troy”. According to the Greek mythology, this beautiful Helena was the wife of King Menelas of Sparta, surrounded by Troy.

The Prince of Troy, Paris, stole him and brought him to his kingdom. This is a historic war that lasted for 12 years. King Egamenan led the battle for Sparta. Even the Greek gods and goddess in this war! Many people were killed, including Troy Prince Hector, Paris, Devta Achilles, Sparta King Menelas. So much bloodshed and destruction for love is no more in the history of the world.

6. Orphias and Iridis:

This is also a Greek myth. Their stories are recognized in literature, “tale of desperate love”. According to the Greek mythology, Harpoon, a musician orphihus, falls in love with Iridis, a married bride of heaven. But Arpius lost Eridis in the accident with the god Aristeasas. Take him away to Patlapuri.

But Arpheus will play Harpoon in a musical instrument of his witch-goddess. He left his kingdom continuously playing Harpun and waiting for his love Iridis in many places. Finally, to rescue Jan Eridis from Orpheus Pallpuri in favor of the music god Heads and Persephone.

But there is a condition that Arifius will not be able to see Iridis back on the ground before landing. But Arpius forgot about the condition of the gods in awe and excitement, and kept watching Iridis. The result, Iridis lost forever. It is said that there is a great deal of music and music in love or discourse, whether it is inspired by the love stories of Orpheus and Iridis.

7. Napoleon and Josepine

Mahavira Napoleon falls in love with Josepine, a rich woman in her kingdom, at the age of 26. Both of them respected their relationship, and kept the sacrifice. This love was very unaccustomed to the rule of the state. Although they always admired their relationship. Napoleon wanted Josepine to have his child in his womb, but Josepine was unable to bear motherhood. But they kept their love forever.

8. Odysseus and Penelope

Like the Greek love story, this couple was also in love, leaving and abandoning. In the case of love, most of the myths of Greek mythology are the “Tragedy and sacrifice.” The couple waited for their union for 20 years! Shortly after their marriage, Odysseus had to go to war.

But hoping for her husband’s return, Penelope waited for him for 20 years. In the meantime, he rejected 108 kings, on the other hand, Odysseus was faithful to his wife. He also turned away the love of many goddesses. He has proved to this app by Homer, “Another name for love – waiting!” He said, “Remember that true love is worth waiting for!”

9. Paulo and Francesca

This character has taken two characters on the basis of the true story of Dante’s immortal literary work from “Divine Comedy”. Francesco’s husband Malatesta was a terrible criminal. He spent time reading Francesca Dante’s book with his younger brother Paulo. Later, the love between two people was born. After knowing the facts, Francesca’s husband killed both of them in a very natural way.

10. Scarlet O’Hara and Rath Bottler:

It is said that the famous author Margaret Mitchell’s classic “Gone with the Wind,” is a Bible for people living in love! With the background of the Civil War, and Scarlett-Butler’s stereotypical love, emotional tension, the expectation of the time, the unstable time of the country- all this has become an immortal literary act.

The ambiguous scarlett was never inclined to bind herself to anyone. But he never forgot Butler’s crazy love. The happiness of the splendor scarlet in the life of a happy life has not lasted long. His constant conflict continued. And at the end, Scarlett said, “Tomorrow is another day!”

11. Jane Ay and Edward Rascaster:

Jane was the main character of the famous novel “Jane Eyre” by the author “Charlotte Bronte”, an orphan girl, who came as a governor to look after the house of Razzster. A man was very big and very fierce at the age of Jennifer in the life of Razzster. Nothing could be tied to their love of age or social spacing.

But the discovery of Jane on the wedding day was done by the former. Jane left him. Jane later learned that he did not neglect his sick and crazy wife. Only because of the fear of losing him was this secret hidden.

Later, though in a fierce fire, he lost his house, sick wife to whom he had been rescued. He himself lost his eyesight. Finally Jain came back to him after a long break. Every sentence of this novel should be a love affair !! Readers’ minds are very easily read by reading all the emotional words.

12. Laila and Majnu

The medieval Iranian poet known as “Nizami of Ganje” was inspired by the Arab society, “Layla and Majnun is a tragic tale about unattainable love.” In the history of love, especially in this sub-continent Muslim society, two characters, Laila Majnu This pair is believed to be the symbol of heavenly love.

Laila and Majnu’s love grow up since childhood. But the social gap between the two faces the danger. It is said that Laila’s father Majnu was injured, while Lailar was also injured, that was his divine love. Majnu was sent to the desert. Later, the Bedouin party did not admit Majnoor’s interest and came forward to help him.

They lost Laila’s father in the war. But then there was a lot of delay. Laila was forced to marry her father forcibly. After the husband died, though Laila came back to Majnu, but Majnu died due to sorrow and hunger. Laila also followed the path of love of Majnu. It is the inspiration of this couple’s inspiration for many common words called “two bodies one soul,”

13. Louis and bellard

“A story of a monk and a nun,” whose letters are the most famous. We use the term “profit letters” as the basis of this pair. Peter Bellard goes to the famous Notre Dame School in Paris. At the request of the famous philosopher Flobber, his teacher agreed to read Lucius.

Belard has fallen in love with Luis Bellard, attracted by knowledge, talent and intelligence. They secretly tied to a marriage and Lewis became pregnant. But flobber became obstructed. Belard, in his fear, kept Luis in a safe place.

But one night Flabber’s followers defied the sleeping bellard. In the pain of the bellard, the remaining life was spent as Luis nan, and a bellard became a monk (religious guru)! History is their self-sacrifice, even today, their love letters are famous,

14. Ramos and Thiebe

Another romantic love story, very emotional and touching the heart. It has been said that this couple has spoken with their love to the Lord that they will be together in heaven! The most beautiful virgin of Babylon was the childhood friend of the boy, the young man Ramos. They were neighbors Together they fell in love with each other.

But their family does not accept this relationship. So they decided to run away from the house. During the sunset, there is a meeting with a nearby mlberry tree in the house. After wearing a cloth face in the face of privacy, the veil waits under the tree for the ramos.

Suddenly a hungry lion comes to Thebie. While clinging in fear, while taking shelter in other places, his mouth cloth fell off. Then Ramos came and found that the cloth was in front of the lion. He thinks that lion has eaten his thiebi. He also cut his chest with his knife. After a long time, Thei came and saw Ramos. Then he also sacrificed his life with the same knife.

15. Darcy and Elizabeth:

Famous English novelist Jane Austen’s fairytale love story “Pride and Prejudice” is the main character of this novel, a young darling of the then English rich society. Highly educated, fiercely clumsy, self-centered, and proud of the fame, this darling, incidentally and among other plays, is familiar with Elizabeth, a family-centric family.

Elizabeth was the second of five daughters of Mr and Mrs. Bennett. Mr and Mrs. Bennet always gave great freedom to their daughters. Naughty Darcy always used to humiliate Elizabeth, her social and family status. But gradually being fascinated by Elizabeth’s looks and qualities, she is transformed into love.

But the Dresi’s elite family does not accept it, while Elizabeth’s family also faces various incidents. Finally, after various dramatic events, Darcy-Elizabeth met. Various dramatic, humorous, all-round aspects of the English society, this novel has become an immortal creation of English literature.

16. Salim and Anarkali

We all know about the love of the Mughal emperor Akbar son Salim and the state’s dancer Anindya Sundari Anarkali. Nobody has seen such a big sacrifice for love in this sub-continent. Emperor Akbar has never accepted this relationship. But not Salim and Dampara pot. Annaklichi declares war against his father.

But Selim is easily defeated by the powerful Akbar forces. Akbar announced his son’s execution. To save Selim, Anarkali acknowledges her rate, and in exchange for her own life Salim’s life is begging. At last, Anarkali is buried alive in front of Selim’s eyes !!

17. Pacquantas and John Smith

Indian newspaper Raja Pauhatan was a member of the elgonquin Indians in the Virginia State of Virginia. His daughter Pacahontas falls in love with the first glimpse of a son named John Smith. Pacahontas protects Smith from the army of his father, Smith. That love started from the feeling of gratitude.

Later they helped each other in establishing society. A beautiful relationship is developed between two family members. But Smith wounded by a gunpowder in a war, when Smith left America and moved to England, then Pacahontas was lied, Smith was dead! Pacahontas was arrested with the help of his father’s army.

After many years of captivity, Pacquantas accepted Christianity, and renamed the name “Rebecca” after replacing many orbits. He already married a man named John Rolf. And about eight years later, Rebecca came to London to know that Smith was alive. Coincidentally seen – that’s their last seen.

18. Shahjahan and Mumtaz

In 1612, a girl named Arzuman Banu was married to 15-year-old Shahjahan. Later who ruled the Mughal empire. Shahjahan changed the name of his 14 children’s mother and beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. After Mumtaz’s death in 1629, he decided to construct an architecture for the wife’s memory.

That’s why some 20,000 workers worked, about one thousand elephants were used, and it took almost 20 years to finish the construction of the architecture. Although the beauty of the beautiful black marble stone she could not see completely.

He was imprisoned by his son for a long time in the Red Agra Fort. In Jamunaat where “Tajmahal” was developed, Shahjahan spent the whole time alone in the last life. After his death, he was buried there. He left behind the signs of his love, during a seven-week earthquarter, “Tajmahal!”

19. Mary and Pierre Curie

This pair did not have any visible, over-the-counter passion. There was no mythological tragedy, conflict, war, interference of the deity, or no illegal tales. Their love story was similar to ten modern people. But it was believed that they were the inspiration for each other! Their love has progressed in the welfare of humanity and in progress.

The University of Poland did not allow women to research, because in 1891, Mary went to the Research Center to serve in France. Meritorious Mary discovered the Library, Laboratory everywhere, another meritorious, Mary Laboratory Director Pierre Kurie. After offering marriage several times, they married in 1895.

In 1898, this scientific twin invented the polyonium and radium. In 1903, the couple won the Nobel Prize for Physics and Radio-Activi. After Pierre Kurie’s death in 1904, Mary decided to leave her husband’s country and tried to finish Kurin’s unfinished work.

Finally, in 1911 Mary Curie was the only woman on earth who achieved the Nobel in a different and different way. Now he was chemistry! He continued his research of husband Pierre Curie until he died in 1934 in Leoquimia.

20. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert:

Thousands of old English monarchs, and thousands of love stories are said to be crowded by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s love story is unimaginable. Queen Victoria mourned for her husband Prince Albert for almost 40 years. Victoria took charge of the English throne in 1837 after the death of his uncle, King William-IV.

In 1840 Queen Victoria married her first cousin Prince Albert K. Prince Albert was a generous, vibrant man in German culture. They did not listen to many of the many people and they formed a happy family. They loved each other very much. They had nine children.

After the death of husband Albert in 1861, Queen Victoria did not come in front of the public for three years. After the pressure of the people and under the leadership of then Prime Minister Benjamin Desilail announced in 1688 a new parliament.

Until his death in 1901, wherever he used to go, he used to wear black clothes. By making personal grief become power, Queen Victorian rule was the biggest rule in the history of the British royal family. British rule has since been called “the sun never set.”


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