The way this Muslim girl got the world’s best prize. See Exclusive Video


In the meantime, the bad name of the Muslims. In the meantime, this Muslim girl is the world champion. Of course, he had to get too many damages.

Likewise, the girl could not reach this stage. Today’s video has been shown to all of its beginning. The way he is the world champion.

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Day after day, her daughter was threshed
After the mother died, her father received the allegation of being raped. Locals detained the accused and handed over the police to the police. The incident took place in a village of Maheshkhali upazila of Cox’s Bazar at around 11:30 pm on Monday.

According to local sources, the alleged accused has two daughters and 1 son. Eight months before the accused’s wife died during childbirth. Her eldest daughter is 14 years old. Before the mother died, the girl got married to a local person. When her mother died, her father stopped her from going to her husband’s house.

The girl barred her from the house with her daughter-in-law. At this opportunity, the father of the deceased father kept his house in his house. Taking a walk around the house in Cox’s Bazar with the family, in the night Bordeong sexual intercourse against the will of the girl. After returning home from Cox’s Bazar, the girl told the local people and neighbors women.

It is also known that neighboring people pressurize the accused father for the second time. But the father refrained from getting married on various pretexts. Stole the girl in the chest and started harassing regular sexual abuse. The abused girl said that she had been raped at home, sometimes in a cow’s cottage house, and sometimes at home, she said, about one and a half months ago, her daughter was born. Due to lack of maintenance and maintenance, the girl was adopted in local Kerruntali.

On the night of the incident, shouting physical torture before the people, the people of the area arrested him and presented him to the local member. Maheshkhali Police Station brought her father to the police station along with the victim girl from the spot after getting the news. Until the report is written, the girl who was raped has been in police custody.

Maheshkhali Police Station OC Pradip Kumar Das said that the case is being filed in respect of the women and children including torture against the person arrested for the rape of a father-in-law by the birth parent. Source: Ittefaq

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