The secret of the relationship of love is 11 secrets which should never be told to a close friend …


Relationship between love – Your relationship with the partner of life certainly goes through all kinds of steps, hardships and even evolution. Everything between you and your partner will not match. Although we love gossip, friends should not always say about the rise of your relationship.

Some people feel proud about their relationship, and some people can not manage their relationship problems and they share it among friends, most of them with the best friends In your case it can lighten the minds shared with your friends, but there are some things that should only be between the two of you.

Let’s start some things that should not be shared with your friends.

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1. Fights

It does not matter if couples fight. Within a few days you will come back to normal. It is okay to talk to your friend about your relationship, and to speak about your war, but it should not have been explained in detail in detail. Plus, you can take honest opinions from your friend but do not explain your fights.

2. Intimacy details

The things behind the door must be kept secret. Your partner will be very embarrassed to hear about your intimacy from a third person. Only you can protect your mates’ respect in front of your friends.

3. Bedroom problem

Bedroom talks are done with faith that you have to understand. Explain it to your partner if you are not interested in it, but please do not talk about this in front of friends.

4. Their personal problem

There is a lot more about just physical intimacy. They just do not want you as a partner in bed, as a companion to solving problems. And if they share some personal information about themselves in this hope, it is better not to share it with other friends.

5. Their past relationships

What does this mean? You want to know and you know it now. What will your partner do with it? What do you both do with your partner’s past relationship, usually it has no work.

6. Complaint

If you have any complaint with your partner, then talk to her and sit with her. But if you often complain about it to your friends, I think they would advise you to leave that person.

7. Compare

Your partner does not have any means to compare with your ex-or your friend’s partner.

8. Show your friends the awesome gifts given to friends

You can not like the gift, but it is not right that you laugh about this thing with your friend. Give your partner a break because at least they are not trying to repeat the same thing so that they are trying or you can discuss it with your partner.

9. Your partner’s insecurity

You know each other’s insecurity because you feel safe with each other. But do not rebuke your partner’s faith by expressing this personal thing before the public.

10 How Does Your Partner Meet Your Friends

Your partner does not like any of your friends, she is not your friend as your friend. You should try to adjust to your situation.

11. Meaning problems

If you and your partner have financial problems, then this is your problem, not others. A person may have problems, but instead of telling your friend about it, it should be resolved by discussing it.

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