The rules that must be followed while washing the face

Face washing

If you do not do it properly, it can be harmful to your skin every day! Not only the rules of the rules, but it is not only dry, it can also cause acne and wrinkles. Very strange but the fact is absolutely true!

Normally the question will come, what is the right way to wash the face! Find out the right way to wash your face with today’s features. Which will help you to protect your skin’s skin literally.

Avoid using the wrong cleaner
The discrepancy in the level of pH of the face skin occurs with the use of the wrong skin. The level of pH of an adult human skin is 5.5 pH. At this level the conservative thin screen of the skin is called Acid Mantle, which is effective. This screen keeps the skin away from harmful germs, toxins, and bacteria. For this reason it is very important to keep the pH levels in the skin and to use fitting clencers for the skin.

You have to clean it well before hand
Before washing your mouth, you must wash hands with anti-bacterial soap to remove the dirt-germs of hand. Otherwise, the germs from the hands will be transferred directly to the mouth and cause acne.

Clean clothes face dry
It is very important to obey this rule. Because the facial skin is very sensitive after washing it. If the cloth is not clean, the germs from the cloth get infected very quickly. One more thing to be careful about. The cloth, towel or gown can not be removed very loudly. Drain the water slowly by pressing on the face.

Kusum will wash the face in hot water
Although the face wash in the cold water is tranquilizers, the skin should be washed in the hot water to protect the skin. Extra hot or cold water is not beneficial for the skin. Warm water cleans the natural oil in the skin, dry the skin. On the other hand cold water interferes with the movement of blood in the skin.

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More than twice the face can not be washed
Many people may wash their face several times within the day. Due to repeated washing, the amount of natural oil required on the skin is greatly reduced. Which increases the likelihood of acne inflammation on the skin. So it is better to wash or wash for twenty-four hours more than twice. Once more can be washed if needed.

Do not miss the face wash
Feeling easy and less important we wash our face very lightly. But the exact rules and routines will wash face every day. In this case, hurrying will never yield good results.

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