The reason for having men’s buttons on the right side of men’s shirt and women’s left side


Men’s shirts are on the right side and women have buttons on the left side – Men’s shirt is right – we wear shirts, but never thought that the shirts of boys and girls are not on one side.

Not even a matter of thought. Where is the time of such a time of busy life? When you wear a shirt, once you see it is right. Now the question can arise, what is the mystery behind it?

There are many reasons for this. For example, in the ancient times, when men started dressing themselves, the men used to wear their own clothes, since then the buttons started to move right.

Again women or other people used to wear them. So, the left-handed buttons were introduced to the people who dressed them.

Again, the information came to light that since men kept the sword in their right hands, it would have been beneficial to open clothes in the left hand. On the other hand, women had to use the right hand to open clothes because they kept the children on the left side.

Others say that there is also a history behind it. What is that history? French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte or the woman asked to put a button on the left side of the dress.

What is the reason for Napoleon’s such direction? Known, Napoleon used to put his arm in the shirt all the time, and women used to mock him.

When Napoleon learned about this news, women asked to put a button on the left side of the shirt to stop them.

Fools may be fooled by the above reasons. Whatever the reason behind it, the fact behind this is that the women left the shirt and the men have a button on the right.

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