The rare pink diamond is sold in 420 caror

Pink diamond

A pink diamond weighing 15 carats has been sold at around rupees 420 million. On Tuesday, diamond was sold at the auction organized by the UK-based renowned auctioneer Christie in Geneva, Switzerland. The organization says that this is the world record now at the cost of the diamond carat.

The Pink Legacy, the diamond, was so far south of the famed Oppenheimer family of South Africa. The family is the owner of the world’s most famous diamond company named D Bears. Harry Winston, the luxury brand of the United States, has bought the rare diamond ring at auction.

Christie’s European chief Francis Couriele said the carpet has been sold at a cost of around 22 crores for the rare diamond, including all types of fees and commissions.

This diamond from 18.96 carats is found in a South African mine almost a century ago. It is said from Christie’s side that the diamond found in the 1920s is still intact.

As soon as the diamond bought it, Winston Pink Legacy, after purchasing the company. Christie International Ornament Chief Rahul Kadakia called it one of the world’s diamonds.

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