The Queen of the World’s Most Beautiful Saudi Arabia Fatima


World Beauty – We all know as the World’s Beautiful Anjaliya Jolie and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Because of that, they are called celebrities. But the name of Rani Fatima Kulsum Johor Godavari of Saudi Arabia is coming forward, because of the nature, quality and wealth behind them.

The conservative Saudi Arabia, especially the Saudi royal family, can not be seen publicly. And their pictures are rarely seen outside.

Recently, some images of Fatima Kulsum Johar Godabari, wife of one Saudi prince Shaikh Abd al-Mahmood, became viral on the Internet. Since then, he has been claiming that he is beautiful in the world.

The Malaysian Review describes a form of Fatima, saying that her bright gray skin with gray-colored eyes, red lips and sharp vision gave her a great deal.

The website has claimed that she will be part of the world’s beautiful competition, the world’s beauty status. His face is really Mirakkal, the creator’s amazing creation

Fatima Kulsum is the former princess of Saudi Arabia, the current Queen It is speculated that he was born in a hospital in Chennai, India on October 22, 1986.

He recently passed the MBA. He is the best among the oil vendors as the OPEC of the oil-rich countries. He also occupied the place of the wealthiest women in the Muslim world.

According to the sources of the Saudi royal family, news media reported that Fatima has been working with several charities recently. Especially on the issue of women in Saudi Arabia, he has a lot of applause.

Note that there is no ‘rani’ in Saudi Arabia. Raja’s wives are not given the rank of a queen. They do not have any state power. It is a question of how far Fatima Kulsum is called a queen for this reason. And there is a question about whether Fatima kulasam has a king named Badsha Salman.

John Braggs, a former Saudi official on a website called Kora Doktom, has said that no queen has a state power in Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, King Abdullah does not have any daughter named Fatima Kulsum, nor does she know whether she is a concubine. Hussein king of the 43-year-old Princess Princess Salman Who was quite discussed in Paris in 2016 for the murder of a dog in Paris.

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