The Prince of Troy Paris Because of that Helen’s love, fell in love


Prince of Troy Paris- ‘small grain point point water,

It makes the continent, the ocean low. ‘

The beginning of an ocean, but one point was in the water. Likewise, behind our known history, there are few trivial cases, which may not have happened if history was different.

These trivial incidents are known as butterfly effects in English literature. In today’s writing for readers of, I will talk about a butterfly effect that changed the history of a nation’s history.

The reason behind the collapse of the city of ‘Turkey’s Troy’ and its fall is known to all of us less and more. Prince of Troy Prince of Greece invaded the Queen of Greece with Helen of Sparta, and after attacking him on the tray, the Greek king Menelawos attacked Troy. Troy City is destroyed in this war. But we all know how it happened? How did Paris and Helena fall in love?

The beginning was to Devlok. When Zeus organized a banquet to celebrate the marriage of Achilles’ parents Pelious and Thetis.

There was no invitation for Godse of Discord or disrespect to Eris. But angry with Erice, he was also invited to the banquets and came out with a golden apple from the gardens of the Hesperides.

This apple is known as ‘Apple of Discord’. However, on arrival at the ceremony, Eris announced the apple as a beauty award. That is, the most beautiful goddess of the goddoc will be the claimant of that apple. But it was seen, Hera, Ethena and Afroditii were claiming to be the goddess Apel.

Nobody goes less than anyone in beauty. But the apple can get only one. So they urged Zeus to choose the most beautiful among them. But Zeus was unwilling to judge himself. He asked, will judge Judge Prince of Troy in Paris, who did not prove his skill at a recent trial.

Helen, wife of Greek King Menelauce, is the master of art. Photo: Collected

Later, the candidate of the Goddess, took three Hermes as their guide, took a bath in the spring of Mount Idar and appeared in front of Paris and told Paris to judge their beauty.

But the goddess thinks that because of wearing clothes, Paris may not be able to properly judge their beauty. So the goddess served three nuns in front of Paris and tried to forget Paris with their beauty. They also try to bribe Parisis.

The goddess Hira, known as ‘Mother of All Gods’, tried to tempt temptation by offering the Paris to Europe and Asia. But Paris was not interested in running the kingdom.

Besides, he was also the Prince of Troy. ‘Gods of Wisdom’ Athena shows her the skill and wisdom of the belligerent. But Paris did not agree.

On the other hand, love goddess Aphrodite fascinated Paris and promised to give her the love of Helen of Sparta, the wife of the Greek king Menelawas, the world’s most beautiful woman.

Paris gladly accepted Aphrodite’s gift and gave Aphrodite the most beautiful of Debolok and the claim of claim of Apple’s discord. This event is known as ‘Judgment of Paris’ in the Greek mythology. This is how Helen and Paris love and the destruction of a nation-civilization.

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