The price of one 116 million, the owner of seven thousand cars! Who knows that person?


One is worth 116 million- whether Dubai or Brunei, the use of gold car is there other than the other. It is said here about the sultan of Brunei. Its thing is different. Many people say they have an addiction to gold. Its evidence matches at least one special vehicle.

The car has been specially made by Sultan Hassan al-Balkiyah. This is a Rolls Royce Silver Spruce Strech Limousine. The whole car is covered with 24 carats gold.

Its price is more than 116 crores. Gold has been designed specially in front and back of the car or on the roof or wheel. Even some parts of the car were made of gold.

In 2004, during the Sultan’s marriage to his son, the car was about 10 kilometers away. And this marriage was one of the most expensive wedding in the world. He has at least 7 cars in such a precious car.

The car is in the hood of the car collecting. Not two, it has 7,000 cars in its collection. Ferrari has 300. There are more than 60 Rolls Royce, 11 McLaren, 963 LSS at Dowier Porsche and many more expensive cars.

This state of Sultan Hassan al-Balqiyah is the richest state on earth. Sultan’s wealth is so much that people do not have to pay taxes to run the country.

He is also the country’s first prime minister. He is also in charge of the finance and defense ministry. His contribution to the country’s education sector is very much. Among them are Brunei Darussalam.

Another of his contribution is Haffez al-Qur’an. It’s a secular institute. He celebrates the joy of the countrymen in any ritual ceremony of the country.

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