The new feature is coming, the message sent to the messenger can be deleted

Messenger new update

Facebook will soon allow users to delete messages sent via messenger apps. It has been possible to know about the issue recently through a report from Business Insider

It is possible to know about messenger’s ‘Unsand’ feature plan, through the release notes on the new updates brought to iOS users Tuesday. In the note, it has been said that the user will have 10 minutes to delete the wrong picture sent to the accidental person, the wrong information or the wrong person.

In addition, the release notes said that the feature will be coming very soon. But no specific dates were announced that the user can enjoy the convenience of the user.

Business Insider said that the buzz has spread since April this year. TechCrunch tweeted a screenshot about this feature. However, the experts expressed concerns about the issue. They say that it may be in contrast to the harassing message, the harassing message can erase the messenger from the harasser.

But this type of feature is nothing new. Facebook has the advantages of deleting WhatsApp and Instagram messages long ago.

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