The name of the Guinness chest by creating chains by pins


Guinness has given names on the chef Different people have different creations. Anupam Sarkar, a resident of India’s Nadiya, has named the new name. He created 1,819 ft long chain with 71 thousand 500 staple pins with the help of YouTube.

It is known that the operators of the comedy show, Anupam Sarkar of Govindpur area of ​​Shantipur of India, Nadir. From his childhood he wanted to do something that was his wish. Youtube has shown the way to make Anupam’s dream come true.

He saw on YouTube that a man from Bangladesh was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for his artwork. After seeing it, Anupam was motivated to make his name Guinness chest. From the Internet, Guinness knows all the rules of the name. Then started the work of staple pin chain.

The work started on 9th April, 2018, ends on July 13th. The 10-millimeter-size small pin made an empty chain with an empty hand. Earlier, the longest chain size was 1,157 feet.

Anupam said, ‘I made that chain, its size is 1,819 feet. I gave the name of the harmony chain. I want to send that message, regardless of race and religion, the Indian people are tied together. ‘

She said she was recognized by Guinness World Records on September 28. He was told that he made the world’s longest chain with staple pins.

Anupam hopes that in the future, he will highlight the name of Bangla or India in the world’s court by doing such work.

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